Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Food We make

I have started a new blog, Food We Make. I am very excited about this blog. It's a place that friends and family can go to share recipes, hints and ideas about cooking. I know there are lots of blogs out there about cooking, I know because of all the names we had to go through to find the right title for our blog. Cooking and baking have always been therapeutic for me and right now, I can use all the therapy I can get. This is also a great way to share and preserve family recipes, plus cooking and baking hints. We have just started the blog and I am loving every minute I can get on and post. I'm having trouble not thinking about the next recipe I want to post. My family may have to go with out meals until I get this out of my system. If you are interested in being a part of the blog, leave a comment and I'll run it by the committee.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Things around our house have gotten very quiet lately and Georgia May is lonely. With only Karly and Kloe at home, there just isn't as much noise and chaos as there use to be.

Recently I was feeling lonely and so I let Georgia in the house for the day, thinking it would help me not to feel so alone. She came in the house all excited and ready to play. She did her normal run up the back stairs and checked out everyone's room, looking to see who was home and who wanted to play. . . .

She soon realized it was just me at home. She gave me a little attention, but then went to the top of the back stairs, sat down and waited. You could tell she expected someone to come home soon. She stayed like that for almost an hour till she finally gave in and laid down.

The only time I could get her to get up was to go outside to go to the bathroom. At one point I was at the other side of the house and I could hear her snoring, but she didn't move. As the day went on her face just looked sadder and sadder.

Poor Sweet Georgia May misses all the kids being at home.

She is not the only one, we all seem a little out of sorts in an empty, quiet house.