Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kody's Mission Call

Kody's Mission Call is HERE!!!

Kody was at the mailbox for three days straight and we were all relieved the day the large envelope finally came, but the wait wasn't over. Kim was having a rare golf day and we promised we would wait until he got home. Kody couldn't wait until the men were done golfing so he made a call and Kim was on the road. I think that was a long half of an hour for Koder.

We didn't even have time to get all the sisters on the phone so they could hear him read his letter, Karly and Kloe were home from school just before Kim got home. The minuet Kim walked in the house the envelope was opened.
Kody has been called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has been assigned to labor in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission for 2 years. He is to report to the Provo Missionary Training Center the 10th of June.

It only took a few minuets for it to sink in and then Kod started texting and calling family and friends. He is very excited about his mission call. Like his older brother he has had the desire to serve a full-time mission since he was a little boy. He did the happy dance, gave out hugs and then he was off with the boys to celebrate. The mission call came the afternoon of Kyle's "P-day" and it was too late in the day for him to get the email, so Ky had to wait for a letter in the mail. 

It will be an interesting month of June around the Porterfield home. Kody leaves and the next week Kyle gets home.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

You Gotta have Friends

I had no idea that when I met Kim it was a package deal. Not only was I getting the best looking, most thoughtful and fun to be with guy, I was also getting his amazing friends, like it or not. They have been there since our first date, at our wedding, helped us move into our first apartment, when our children were born, holidays, when we were living away from family, graduations, all types of celebrations and when things weren't going right. They have always been true friends. They put up with all the wives and everything that goes with us, even gone along to family gatherings. They have asked very little of me in return for this friendship, just cookies and time with my husband. The guys gave us a cookie jar when Kim and I were married  with a note letting me know as the wife I was to always keep the jar full for when the guys came over. The rest of the world can thank them for that tradition in our home. It is a rare event when there aren't cookies in the jar.
1. Rob and Kim at our wedding reception 2. Jim at high school graduation 3. Curtis and Rob at our wedding luncheon 4. Rob holding our first baby minuets after she was born 5. Jim and Kim dying Easter eggs with our oldest 2 girls 6. Rob at a gathering 7. Sam and Carol at Kim's 30th b-day party 8. Curtis and Rob during their missions to Bolivia

It has been 30 years since I first met this wonderful group of friends. In those 30 years, never has their friendship wavered, no matter the distance of miles or length of time. Recently, we enjoyed an evening together, afterwards as I thought about how enjoyable the night had been, I got all teary eyed. I would love to blame it  on my age and menopause, but the truth is, I love these people and am more grateful for them and their friendship than words can say. 

Readers Are Leaders!

Yea For Kloe!!!!

Kloe just earned her 7th gold reading medal. Every year since kindergarden she has earned her California Reads Gold Metal. From kindergarden through 3rd grade you have to read for a total of 2400 minuets during a 5 months time period to earn your metal.
From 4th through 6th grade they have to read a total of 1800 pages during a 5 month time period. No easy read picture books are allowed during the upper grades only good chapter books. There were only about twelve of the 6th graders at her school this year that had earned their metals all seven years. This is a great accomplishment and we are very proud of Kloe and the great reader she is.
As her dad always says,
"Readers are leaders"