Thursday, January 31, 2008

Elder Kyle Porterfield

I wanted to share pictures of Kyle to catch everyone up  on how he's doing. Some of these are from July when Elder Porterfield first got to Pennsylvania. I would have gotten them on the blog sooner, but I'm still trying to figure out this blog stuff.
These first pictures were all taken in his first area of Erie, PA. His area went all the way east to the New York boarder. 

He left Erie just before Thanksgivings and moved to the Greater Pittsburgh area. He loves being in Pennsylvania, the people, the seasons, but mostly the teaching and missionary work. 
He has just been transfered and is now with a brand new missionary, fresh from the MTC. He is closer to downtown Pittsburgh than he was in his last area. He and his companion are on foot and learning to use the public transportation, something somewhat new for Kyle. 

They are in a brand new area that hasn't had missionaries assigned there yet. Elder Porterfield says he is living a dream, to be able to open a new area. 
I'm not suppose to brag, but I can't help it. Kyle is a great missionary. I'm his mom, I should know.  He has wanted to serve a mission since he was a little boy and he expresses his joy and love for his mission in every letter we get from him. Thank you to all who support him in letters and prayers. If you need his new address let me know.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's a Girl!!!

Kassey and Will had their baby on January 13th at 3:30pm, Utah time. They had a baby girl and named her Baysil Wren King. She weighed 7lbs 2oz and was 19 inches long.

She came home on Tuesday and already sleeps 4 hours at night, even when we try to wake her.
She already has pudgy cheeks and a double chin. She is a perfect baby girl and looks a lot like Kassey when she was a baby.
We now have 3 grand babies in the family. All of them perfect. Now if they just lived closer to us!

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Jumping Stars!

The week before school got out for the Christmas break, Kloe's jump rope club showed off their fancy foot work. That's Kloe, the 2nd from the left. Kloe meets once a week after school with a jump rope club and hones up her jumping skills. I didn't have the pictures or time earlier to post this, so here it is now.It was so fun to watch these kids show their stuff. It's not your basic recess jump rope. They have fancy footwork and twirl the rope all while they are jumping. Kloe and her friends did something called the "rainbow". It's 1 set kids jumping into one long rope while turning one medium rope and then another kid jumps into both of the ropes so everyone is jumping all at once. Then they all jump out in the opposite order. Two of the smallest kids in the club are the most amazing with the jump rope. It was fun to watch all their tricks. Kloe's coach, Melinda is unbelievable. She does flips and cartwheels while jumping, just to mention a few of her tricks. Her coach went to the junior Olympics with a jump rope team and now coaches the team that does the McDonald's commercials. Not a bad life. Who would have ever thought you could make good money as a jump rope coach? Beside the joy of watching Kloe show her skills and have fun, I love the fact that I don't have to spend my Saturdays in the hot sun watching my child's team play a game while my kid spend most of the game on the sidelines (not that that ever happen to my kids).

Snow Fight!!

Dad started it!

So are we fun or what?

On the drive home from Seattle the week of New Years, we met up with the storm that was hitting the western U.S. As we drove through the Shasta Pass, Kim couldn't help but stop so the "kids" could play in the snow.We're a little pathetic. We pulled off the freeway to a side road (note the semi in the background), and played in about 3 inches of snow. Kloe managed to make a snow angel and a 10 inch snowman.
Once we got back in the car and drove on, we found out how desperate for snow we really were. After driving for another 15 minutes there was a good foot of snow on the ground.
No matter, we had a great time in the white stuff.