Friday, February 10, 2012

House Cleaning and Visits

As I was playing around in my blog this morning I came across this post I hadn't published. It was written one year and one month ago. My first reaction was to delete it, but then I read it and I remembered so clear my feelings that day and just having so much of our family around in December, I feel the same way this morning. I love spending time with my family, especially our grand babies and getting to know them, seeing their parents in their eyes. I know my kids were put through the ringer with me as their mom and I made lots of mistakes but I know Heaven forgives because they keep sending these beautiful little people into my life.
I woke this morning to little pine cones scattered and hid throughout our house. I keep finding them as I am doing my Monday cleaning. They were left by a beautiful little princess, at least that's what she tells us she is, and expects us to act accordingly.  I thought I had it all cleaned up until I was putting things away in my china hutch and I found a little gifts. I wonder what else I will find.
Kassey and Will came for the weekend. Kassey called on Wednesday afternoon to let us know they would be here Thursday evening. Will was on Spring break and they wanted to get out of the house. It was a very pleasant surprise. With baby Gus only a month old, she said they wanted to just relax and hang out. I should have been smarter than to believe her, but we loved every moment of them being here and now it just seems too quiet.

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