Friday, March 14, 2008


I have missed a few things in my blogging. This is my feeble attempt at catching up with things. Other then Karly turning 16, we have also been busy with our grand-babies.
Kaira Fern & Tyler's baby, Henry Allen was blessed in February.
Kim and I were able to go up for the weekend of the blessing. We wish they were closer.
We also squeezed in a day of skiing at Big Bear.
(Note the new car)
Kassey and Baysil came for a visit earlier this month. 
It was great to spend a few days with them and kiss and hug our grand-baby. 
While they were here we spent a Sunday afternoon visiting with Grandpa and Jane. We love spending time with our grand-babies. They are wonderful, and their parents aren't bad either.


Fern said...

Does Mack love the camera or what?! Please send me your pictures from when you where here. Our camera was dead or m.i.a. or something, remember.
I have to admit, Baysil is pretty darn cute.
If that picture of the car is it with all the seats up (which I'm pretty sure it is), then we should have no trouble fitting the double stroller back there.

Mama P said...

I emailed you the pictures, Kaira. There where 8 emails. Let me know if you are missing one

kassey's blog said...

when you guys are in town we should take a 5 generation picture with grandma Dot!!

Mama P said...

Good plan. We can do it when we come for Baysil's blessing or when we come at Spring break.