Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Our sweet Kerin was feeling left out because I hadn't mentioned her in our Blog in a while. She hasn't just had a baby, and hadn't been to see us in a while, but she and Cory managed to get away to spend Easter weekend with us and we had a good visit, but more about that later. I thought I would just let her know we love and miss her, by posting a few of my favorite pictures of her. 
Kerin was very attached to her "binkies."
Note the white around Kerin's mouth, she wouldn't sit still and let me take the pictures without giving her marshmallows.
Kerin has always had a great sense of fashion as you can see in this picture of her
 showing off her dance skills to Kaira and Kyle.
What a happy fun person she is, to know her is to smile 
and quiet often have a good laugh with her.
To some she may be "the girl on the frig, 
but to us she is our "Rin".
(Do you like it Rin?)


Fern said...

HEY! That picture isn't of Kerin dancing is from ME teaching them to do the "running man". That room WAS small!
Riners is cute as ragedy-ann, but Kyle as that clown is down right scary!

Fern said...

oh and, since Kerin NEVER leaves any comments, I was under the impression she never noticed these little blog things.