Monday, June 30, 2008

Just a though

Have you notice that life is not like the Sunday lessons? Is it just me or did they leave something out. It seems like the stories all had nice simple questions and easy answers with perfect endings. Don't get me wrong, I haven't lost my faith in God and I'm not wallowing in depression. We've not had any great tragedy (nothing new anyway). It's the same old, same old, I was just thinking maybe it's time to bring the lessons up to date. Just a thought.


Marnie said...

I agree!!! I think you might enjoy our ward. I have only been there one sunday, but they are doing canning and food storage. Now that is a change. Sunday school was funny he kept bring up politics and everyone agreed. I finally realized that I am not in California anymore. Miss you guys, but I only shed a tears for you and your family. I think I am willing/ gladly letting the rest of California go. I well let you know when we have an appointment.
Love M

Fern said...

Was this sparked because what I said the other day about our yw's lesson? or does this have something to do with your crazy ward? OR did you guys have one doozy of a lesson in nursery??