Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I'm a bit behind with our blog and I'm blaming it on our visitors. Don't get me wrong, I loved every minuet of having my loved ones here. Early May brought Kaira Fern and the boys, Kassey and her family and Kerin.
Kaira and the boys were here for a week. Highlights of the week were a trip to Legoland, a picnic at the SD Natural History Museum, and a day at Disneyland.
I was in heaven with all 3 of our grand-babies and all 5 girls here. Kody really missed Kyle that week. Kassey and her family are here for a few months so I get daily cuddles with Baysil.
Memorial  weekend brought Grandma Judy for a very short visit, but we enjoyed every minute. We spent Memorial day enjoying the boat on the big bay and a picnic on the beach. We even got grandma to go for a ride on a tube. I posted a picture for proof. I'm not sure we will ever get her to ever go again.


The Feelys said...

Wow! Looks like you all had so much fun! The babies are growing up and getting so big! You must love having all these grandbabies! My mom is pretty excited that they are getting their first one soon. Your pictures are very cute!


Marnie said...

I love the pictures. It will be so nice to have a slice of california when we move. I will have to live it all through you.

Fern said...

Every time I see pictures someone else took of an activity that I was also at taking pictures I think, "I should of taken my pictures like that!" and "I should have taken more pictures!". GRRR. Maybe I should take a photo class next instead of Belly Dancing?...

Anonymous said...

Dear Porterfields,
We'll miss you and you'll miss us, so this is a going away present for you and us - well it's only for us but this one is for you. We'll miss you!

Love, Peyton