Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life's a Beach . . .

. .at least for now.
Our summer seems to be flying by, so we girls are trying to stop and feel the sand under our toes, and in our fingers. This week we had a perfect day at the beach. I love a beach near our house called Grandview. There is a little parking lot at the end of a street called Neptune and there is always a place to park, an important factor in that neighborhood. If you have never been there before you might think that maybe you got the instructions wrong. Across from the parking lot are stairs going down and the view is amazing. It is a long flight of stairs, but it is worth the climb. This picture doesn't really give you a feel for how high up you are and the length of the flight of stairs.
Grandview is just north of Beacons and south of Ponto. I was introduced to it by my daughter Kerin. I have never been there when it was crowed and there are never a ton of tourists, which is rare at a San Diego beach anytime of year. I love relaxing, reading and watching the people. The water is clean and refreshing even though I only go in up to my knees. I can sit for hours watching the surfers at all different stages. There is usually a surf school going on, some old men in their late 40's or even 50's with their long boards, young hip kids with their short boards and beginners getting a thrill out of every time they manage to stand up on their board.  There are people playing paddle ball, Frisbee and just going for a stroll. Happily on this particular day there are lots of modest bathing suits on the beach, not a common site in our area.
Mostly, I enjoy watching my kids enjoy the beach the way I did when I was young. They jump waves, dig in the sand, body surf and ride their boogie boards or "sponges" as they now call them. Everyone is relaxed, minding their own business, enjoying a perfect summer day.


Marnie said...

thanks for reminding me what we left behind. I hope in august we can enjoy a couple hours on the beach.

SHopkins said...

Mama P!!! How the heck are you doing?! i came across your blog through kasseys blog through Jennas blog. Anyways, just thought I'd leave you a little message! miss seeing you!! how is the family? hows Kerin? i haven't seen or heard from her in so long! well take care!