Sunday, September 7, 2008

To College He Must Go!!

I am way behind with my blog. Since I last posted, stuff has happen, maybe I'll get back to that and maybe not.

Most recently Kody has gone off to college.
That's right our little Koderman is graduated and is a freshman at BYU-I.
We had a family pot-luck for all the kids from church going off to school. A nice evening to say good-bye to friends and enjoy yummy food.

Kody and I left to start the road trip the Sunday before Labor Day. We spent a few days with Kerin and Cory in Parowan enjoying their county fair festivities.
We drove up to Salt Lake, enjoyed lunch with Grandma Judy and Aunt Kristal, and some last minute shopping with Tanta Jody, then on to the airport to pick up Kim, some more last minute shopping and then on to Idaho!
Kody quickly jumped into college life. We spent a day getting his dorm set up, getting his I.D. card, books and school supplies and getting his computer on-line.
He seems to have a nice roommate, even if he did bring his x-box up to school! 
Friends were found and the fun started the minute Kim and I left him.

When we talked to him a day or so after we dropped him off, he seems to be doing good. He reassured us that he is getting enough sleep and honestly told us he's been getting to sleep about 3am, but not to worry because church doesn't start until 1pm.
We love and miss our Koder!!!


Marnie said...

I can't believe he is really there. And I thought dropping Peyton off was hard. I hope he has a great time, and learns a little too. Let us know when the mission farewell is. We will be there for sure. Love you kody Quarterfield!!!!

Mere said...

my little kody getting all big. I am so proud. Like I raised him myself!!