Sunday, March 1, 2009

Readers Are Leaders!

Yea For Kloe!!!!

Kloe just earned her 7th gold reading medal. Every year since kindergarden she has earned her California Reads Gold Metal. From kindergarden through 3rd grade you have to read for a total of 2400 minuets during a 5 months time period to earn your metal.
From 4th through 6th grade they have to read a total of 1800 pages during a 5 month time period. No easy read picture books are allowed during the upper grades only good chapter books. There were only about twelve of the 6th graders at her school this year that had earned their metals all seven years. This is a great accomplishment and we are very proud of Kloe and the great reader she is.
As her dad always says,
"Readers are leaders"


Marnie said...

way to go kloe. I don't think Nevada knows how to read.

Fern said...

Congratulations Kloe! I'm certainly impressed...maybe you can put that on your college applications:)