Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh My Man, I Love Him So

Cheesy I know, but I can't help it. Kim and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this month and I needed to devote one post to the man that caught my eye when I was 14 and a true dork in yellow gingham checks and ruffles. I'm telling you I was a true dork. Kim is grateful he doesn't remember our first meeting. I thank his cousin, Kurt for introducing us. It was years later that I found out I was Kim's token "wall flower" dance that night. At every youth dance, he and his buddies would ask a girl to dance that would probable not get asked to dance by anyone else. They were so kind hearted, they wanted to make sure those sweet "wall flowers" would have at least one dance. These are the same friends I devoted a post to last month.

Our paths crossed several times in the next five years. Just a month before Kim left on his mission for our church, we went on our first date. I had lost a little weight and learned how to dress by then and he didn't recognize me as anyone he had ever met before.

After his mission we dated again and 28 years, med school, residency, Air Force, 7 children, 4 grand babies and 15 moves later I am still head over heels for the man I love.


Marnie said...

LOVE the pictures. I can see where your kids get their good looks and personalities. congrats!! Miss you

Feely Photography said...

Oh wow! These photos are just gorgeous:) I cant believe how much Kerin looks like you! :)

Fern said...

Sorry but one of your kids has to say it....mushy, mushy, mushy!

Baxter's said...

That is exactly how it should be. (well except for 15 moves...holy schmoly!) All hail to the great men in the world.

Skittles and The Sherrif said...

So I know this sounds really cheesy... but that made my eyes water! (Karia and Kassey, go ahead and make fun of me all you want!!)I love you, Mom!

Shelley said...

Hi Kari, I just found your blog site when I was reading your facebook. Love your posts. I just looked at the most recent ones; I'll have to check the older ones out later.
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I'll check back later.