Sunday, July 19, 2009

May Through July

I am way behind with the blog , but I have lots of good reasons, lots of good reasons. For now I'll give a quick catch-up and hopefully life will slow down just a bit and I will give more details soon.
In May I ran my first, and hopefully not last, 5K. Thanks to my good friend Deana Rosell and the support of Kerin and Cory, I made it all the way without stopping once.

June had major events every week, or so it seemed.
The first week of June Kaira and her boys got into town and the fun began.
On June 10th Kody checked into the Missionary Training Center to prepare for his mission to the Argentina Buenos Aries North Mission.

One week later Kyle returned form his mission to the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission. When I say one week I mean one week to the day. 

A few days later Kloe was promoted from 6th grade.

After a weeks rest and relaxation we were blessed with a new beautiful grand-baby. Winnifred Darling was born June 29. I got to go up to Utah and stay a week with Kassey and family and kiss, cuddle and play with our granddaughters.
After being home for another week the girls and I were off to church Girls Camp.
Now that we are home, I can get the house sold and pack for our move to Mukilteo, Washington. Oh did I mention Kim changed jobs and we are moving? Kim started work in Washington the week after Kyle got home and Kyle followed just 2 weeks later. We are all very excited about the move and the adventure it will be. If I am counting correctly this will be our family's 15th move, but before we move we have one more event, the blessing of our sweet little Winnifred. Luckily we will be close by when grand-baby 5 is born in February. You guest it, Kaira and Tyler are expecting their 3rd!


Feely Photography said...

Wow! Congratulations on everything that has been going on. You guys have really been busy this summer. Your new granddaughter is truly one of the most prettiest babies I have every seen. I am sure you are just so excited to have another grandbaby. Congratulations :)

Baxter's said...

Wow! We will have to see you on our next trip to Washington. Mukilteo is a great place. Good luck on having anyone pronounce it right. :-) Good luck with the move!

Marnie said...

Congrats on everything. Now I do not feel bad about moving my kids around again. If you can find a job for steve in Washington I would move again in a heartbeat. Miss you!!!!

kyle Porterfield said...

i am just happy to see someone finally posted a new blog

Fern said...

Kloe is so cool! I want to be just like her in every way!