Thursday, September 10, 2009


As I was dusting my piano I was sadden with the thought that I had stopped taking lesson, why? Why had I stopped taken any of my music lesson (yes I took piano and two other instruments) How foolish of me and am I too old now? Then the grown up regrets came on, "why hadn't I finished or learned how to . ." and the list started.
Then the questions, "Why do we stop things that will only improve us? Does that mean we don't know things if we don't take the formal classes? Are we ever to old to learn?"
Where would we be with out all the great self-taught people in the world? The first that came to mind were Joseph Smith and Abe Lincoln. I can't imagine history without these two great men. Here are just a few more influential people that dropped out of school and were still successful in some way.

Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams
Louisa May Alcott
Hans Christian Anderson
Jane Austen- very limited education
Alexander Graham Bell
Wilson Bentley -discovered that no two snowflakes are alike
Elizabeth Barrett Browning and husband Robert Browning
Robert Burns
Andrew Carnegie
Agatha Christie
Grover Cleveland- 22nd and 24th President of the US, very limited education
Ezra Cornell- Founder of Cornell University
Walter Cronkite- College drop out
Fredrick Douglas
Thomas Edison- taught by his mother and then self taught
Philo T Farnsworth- the man who made television possible
Henry Ford
Bill Gates & Paul Allen- founders of Microsoft, both college drop outs
John Harrison- invented the mariner chronometer
Patrick Henry- architect of the Bill of Rights
Milton Hershey
Elisa Howe- inventor of the sewing machine
Peter Jennings
Steven Jobs- founder of Apple computers, college drop out
Andrew Johnson- 17th president of the US
Ray Kroc- founder of McDonald's
Guglielmo Macroni- father of radio
Florence Nightingale
Beatrix Potter
Colonel Harland Sanders
George Bernard Shaw
Steven Spielberg
Harry Truman- no college, 1 year of law school
George Washington

My list is longer than I planned, but still barely touched the list of individuals who were self -taught in some way and yet managed to leave their mark on the world.
It is never too late to learn.

"Walk if you must, but don't you quit!" - Edgar A Guest


Fern said...

I'm dying to know what Dad thinks of this post... Probably something like "Yeah, but think of how great they would have been if they'd gone to school."

Shelley said...

I never got my college education but I will have left 5 marks in the world that will be remebered in one way or another. Their names are - Brad, Bryce, Cara, Blake and Hannah.

Tena said...

I just went through all of your entries on your blog. Your family has grown and changed so much-just as mine has. I was fun to get some up-dates see what and where you have been. I really miss you a lot and think of you often. Love ya