Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Moments of Fall

I am way behind with the blog, and really with life too. I still have Christmas cards waiting to be mail and our Christmas letter is still on the computer waiting to be printed. If you were waiting for our Christmas letter or card to get our new address, I am sorry, but if it gets mailed at this point it will be after New Years.

I have not yet up loaded our Thanksgiving or Christmas pictures, but I thought maybe I should post some that are since my last posting and pre-Thanksgiving. At least that will catch me up a little.

So much for thinking I would have all this free time once we moved up here, HA!

I do love living here and being so close to our grand-babies and kids, even if I don't have any more free time than I did in Encinitas. We are enjoying the beauty, the seasons and family.

This fall we enjoyed exploring the islands that are just a ferries ride away, nearby pumpkin farms

and family dinners

Kerin and Cory came for a visit and we went up to Vancouver, Canada for the day

We enjoyed taking them around and showing them our favorite places near our new home, like our beach

and the Ballard locks.

Fall also meant church trunk or treat parties, carving pumpkins and

the ritual candy swapping after the trick or treating was done.

We also got to enjoy Kaira Fern and Tyler's Day of the Dead party. It was so much fun for all of us, but especially the cousins; they love being together.

Early November Kim, and I enjoyed a weekend get away with Karly and Kloe to Disneyland. It was a relaxing trip enjoyed by all.

Karly's friend joined us and there was silliness non-stop. We also got to visit with Grandparents while we were in the south land

Fall ended with a great surprise. I found an old friend I hadn't seen since high school. She only lives about 15 minutes away. Her daughter threw her a surprise party and it was so much fun surprising my friend by being there. I have my daughter Kassey and a great friend, Doug Crab to thank for it.


Marnie said...

Miss you and your family. Hope I can be as fun as you.

Amber said...

Looks like fun! Now that you have kids and grandkids so close you won't need us to come visit anymore for a "family fix." We might still invite ourselves. . . Miss you!

Baxter's said...

I don't know why but I am like a little kid when it comes to the Ballard locks. I LOVE it there. Rain or shine or well, Rain...I insist on visiting, I kind of think Sam's fam might be getting annoyed. You need to get the children's book, "Larry Get's Lost" in Seattle and then take the little ones to see all the places that Larry get's lost. It is SO fun!

Shelly said...

It sure looks like you have a good life there. I can't wait to see your Holiday photos.
P.S. Who is your friend from High School? I can't tell.

Shelly said...

Yes, I remember her name, well I mean her first name. Very cool !

Anonymous said...