Friday, January 8, 2010

A Perfect Christmas Season

Well maybe it wasn't a perfect Christmas season, but it was pretty close. Our holidays started out with an anything but perfect Thanksgiving. The night before turkey day Kim got us KFC to try to help ease up the pressure on our little kitchen. KFC gave Kim a sick stomach and a Thanksgiving in bed. He did manage to come out of our room for prayer and a few goodbyes much later that night. We trudged through as best we could, but his absents was felt.
Thanksgiving dinner started off pretty good, but with no grandpa the mischief makers were in perfect form. What started as a kids table quickly turned into a table for one, well behaved boy and hooks chairs for the wild ones. You can see where they ended their day, and it was well deserved!

With Thanksgiving over and Kim healthy, we found a free day and went in search for the perfect Christmas tree. Now that we are in Washington with lots of tree farms we get to cut our own tree down, something we haven't done in years. The girls and Kim loved being dragged all over the hills, well maybe Kim not so much, but the perfect tree was found and hauled home.

With all the grandbabies close by we enjoyed special times with them. One evening we had a wild time of gingerbread decorating, we made a train and houses. I will change a few things next time, but in the end it was a memory maker and a good time.

Our December did have a sad interruption, my sweet cousin Marcus Brown died from diabetes complications. I stole a day and went to be with family. I must say I have a great family and being with them reminds me how much I love and miss seeing them, but that is a post for another day. My baby sister Stacie wasn't able to make it and she was really missed.

Christmas Sunday pictures were next on the list. With less of us at home you would have though it would have been easier to decide who would stand where, but everyone still had to give their opinion. Thanks to our photographer, Kassey, we all got in the right place and I am happy with the results. We even got the grandkids to come over (in the outfits their talented moms made) to have their picture, I snuck in one. This picture taking tradition use to be on Thanksgiving afternoon, just before dinner, but with the family getting bigger and pretty clothes not ready in time, it got moved to Christmas Sunday, so now Christmas cards keep going out later and later, or like this year turn into a New Years letter that still isn't out.

With the family gathered, it was time for the traditional night at the theater. This year it was the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. Kyle kept telling us how happy he was that we were not going to see the Nutcracker, again. It was a great night and the first time we had this much of our family together for the Christmas season in a long time.

The 23rd we went to explore Leavenworth, WA. It's a German themed town about 2 hours east of us, near Stevens Pass. Even though the people there aren't really German, they do a good job. We had a good German meal and left for home with German Chocolates in hand. For Kim the day was more surprising that he could have ever hoped. On the way to Leavenworth he received a call that he had won a raffle that was going on at his hospital; he was shocked! He had only bought one ticket and kept joking at work that he was going to win, and He Did! He won a wall quilt hanging that is very detailed and worth about 3 thousand. The raffle was to raise money for a nurse at the hospital.
Christmas Eve was very traditional but small for us. There was just our family and our son-in-law Tyler's parent, Jim & Karen Thompson. We missed all our friends that have become so much apart of our Christmas. We started the night with the Nativity, then on to our German meal followed by the talent portion of the night and closed with the ever so popular table of treats and PJ present opening.
A few high lights- Kloe danced and sang her famous cat song,
Karly showed us her tapping skills, Kerin and Kassey did a little rap/dance for us,
which left some speechless. Kassey also said Burglar Bill and Kaira show off her sewing achievements.
Some other talents shared - Mack sang in spanish, Baysil dance, but chose not to play the harmonica and Henry decided he din't want do his imitation of a dinosaur. Kyle share some sport info; Cory told a story; Will showed his skateboarding skills; Ty said Night before Christmas, Spanish style; I said a poem; Jim played the guitar and sang with the help of his lovely assistant, Karen and Kim told some new jokes, but closed with the kids favorite.
The night ended with the opening of the anticipated "one present before bed".
Christmas morning came too early, I was hoping with the kids mostly grown we might be able to sleep in past 7am (the magic time to wake the parents without being killed), but with Kassey in the house it was only a dream. It was a happy day, the highlight being the phone call from Elder Kody Porterfield in Argentina! That was my favorite present, I loved hearing his voice. I did pretty good and really didn't cry until after we hung up the phone.
Will & Winni Baysil Kyle & Kim
Cory & Kerin Will & Kassey
Kloe & Karly Kaira Fern Tyler, Henry and Mack

After Christmas Grandma Judy joined our crowd, just in time for Henry to turn 2! (post for another day). Kim had the week after Christmas off, which meant we were off and running. He and Kyle went skiing one day, we had shopping to do and places to explore. We were all tourists one day and did the Seattle Underground tour; ok, but not great. We also went to Whidbey Island and out Port Angeles one day; Forks will have to wait. The girls loved this outing.

For New Years, the over 18 crowed, went to dinner and then the Seattle Space Needle to watch fireworks. It was one of the few rainy days we had all season, but rain doesn't bother Seattle.

We ended the season with a New Years day sisters baby shower/lunch at a wonderful little restaurant in Edmonds, Chanterelle. Kaira Fern is due the first week of February and Kerin is due early May. I could not have asked for a better way to start the new year. I loved spending my mothers birthday with all 5 of my girls. I hope you Christmas season was a happy one and brought you closer to the ones you love, ours did.


Shelly said...

Karie it was so fun to read your post. You do some really cool things with your family. The picture of all of you with your Dad is really nice.

jo said...

Kassey has the best faces ever. Ha. You're amazing. I don't know how you do all this with this many people and stay sane (I'm counting mostly sane as sane...) :) love you!

Fern said...

I love this post and all the pictures. I wish I could do better at updating my blog!

The Neilsons said...

Your whole family is so grown up now! I hope all is well!

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