Friday, February 12, 2010

Wallace "Ace" Morley Thompson

We are so happy to welcome our newest grand-baby into the world.
Wallace Morley Thompson, or "Ace" as his sports fan will know him.
Kaira Fern and Tyler had there third son on the 27th of January.
Life has been busy since this new little man entered our lives, but thank goodness
Little Wallace, as his big brother Mack calls him, is an angel baby, at least for now. Wallace's name is a link to Kaira Fern and Tyler's family blog. All the detailed info about this new bundle is there and great pictures that Kassey took at the hospital.
I spent Wallace's first night home with Kaira and Tyler, with Wallace sleeping next to me, but we quickly learn that Wallace loves his daddy the most and so I got the fun job of keeping the older boys busy. I have enjoyed spending lots have time with Mack and Henry in the last couple of weeks. They have had multiple sleepovers with uncle Kyle, nothing like a late night with all the guys. We have been on outings; our favorite one being with all the cousins to the Imagine Children's Museum of Everett.
The boys barely slowed down long enough for me to take pictures. Kloe, Karly and Kyle have all been big helps with the boys. Mack and Hank love their new brother and Mack has already let his mom know that he want 3 more Wallace's.


Fern said...

I love the last picture of Mack! That about sums up his feelings.

Shelly said...

You are a lucky woman Karie. All these babies are beautiful.