Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas in Seattle

We celebrated our 2nd Christmas in Seattle this year. The celebrations began the day after Thanksgiving and I feel like I am still cleaning up from things.
We started the season off with our annual tree hunt. This year Kaira Fern and Ty's family, and Kassey and Will joined in our search for the perfect tree.
After finding our trees we went home to decorate the house and the little people had fun tents to play in that Grandma Jane sent to them.
With our tree in place it was time for the Festival of Trees. This fun event is sponsored by the hospital where Kim works. The first week in Dec they put on a 3 day event. Large Christmas trees and wreaths are decorated and put on display at the Everett Comcost Area. 
There are fancy parties for adults, an open house for the public to view the trees, with crafts and cookies for the kids. The event ends with my favorite, the Teddy Bear breakfast and ice skating. 
We've made it a tradition to take the grandkids. Kim ended up having bishop responsibilities and wasn't going to make it so Kaira went with Kloe and I in his place. This year was Henry's first year. Santa and Mrs. Claus are there along with a giant teddy bear. We had a yummy breakfast, heard a story, sang songs and watched a fun play.
Then just as it was time to go ice skating, who showed up? Grandpa Kim!!! It was a fun day and started December off in a great way.
We found lots of Christmasy things to do all through out the season,one big hits was The Festival of Lights.
Karly got home the week before Christmas. Then day Junie and her parents, Kerin and Cory, came into town we all went up to Vancouver to the Christmas Market. It reminded me of the Christkindel Markets in Europe. They even had my favorite Christmas store, Kathe Wohlfahrt.
Kyle got in town the 23rd just in time for the big day. Christmas Eve started with breakfast at the Mukilteo Cafe, then that night we had our traditional festivities.
Family and friends gathered, we acted out the Nativity, sang Christmas songs, ate yummy food and had our talent show. Kassey and her family even joined us during our talent show through skipe. That was one of the best Christmas presents I got this year.
I tried to up load a video so everyone could see how much talent our family has, but couldn't get it to work. Thankfully Kerin and Cory were here and stayed up to help finish wrapping presents. This bishop stuff had really sapped Kim's energy and he went to bed as soon as the rest of the kids did, don't worry though we woke him up to finish with the "important" duties.
Happily everyone slept in until after 7am and Christmas was a nice slow day.  I was worried little Junie would wake us all early, but even she slept in.

Kaira and Ty's family came over in the afternoon and joined us for more presents and dinner.
The day reached it's peak with our call from Kody.  I loved my missionary phone call and am counting the days until Mother's day when I get to talk to him again. It really was a great Christmas and wonderful time together as a family. Now we are on to Kyle and Megan's wedding. Happy New Year!


Fern said...

Love all the pictures.
Love how long my hair looks, like I've got crazy Hollywood extensions!
Mack saw the post and said, "And I just we got lots of presents." haha!

Shelly said...

I love peeking in on your wonderful family moments. You really are the coolest Mom/Granny ever. We are hoping to get up that way sometime this year.It would be great to see you and the family :)