Sunday, January 30, 2011

They Grow Up So Fast

A few months ago we brought home a handsome baby boy, a week or so later he started school.  Last month that same boy graduated from high school and went off to college. Two weeks after that he returned from serving a Full time Mission for our church and last week he was sealed for Time and All Eternity in the LDS Las Vegas Temple.  .  .  .  . They grow up so fast.
We are very happy for our son Kyle and love his new wife, Megan.
I was prepared to not be so thrilled with my sons choice in a wife because I had heard so many woman say that's just how it is and now he has a new first lady in his life, but so far I could not be happier for him. I say "so far" because I'm sure someday Megan and I will have our differences or Megan will let it slip how much I bug her. When that day comes I'm sure, for a few days, I will find faults with her, it's just the "mother-in-law" thing to do, but at present things could not be better.
Megan is from Henderson, Nevada, which is why they were married at the Las Vegas Temple. We use to tease our kids about being able to elope because there are Temples in Nevada, I just never expected any of our kids to really get married there.
Kyle and Megan were sealed on Saturday, January 22nd. It was a beautiful sunny day and everything was perfect, other than we seemed to be running behind by about 20 minutes all weekend. On Friday we met Megan's family for the first time. Being an in law is great, it's not like in high school where you really need to get to know your child's boyfriend or girlfriends family; once they are adults it's their worry; sure you want them to have great in laws, but it's their choice and they are the ones who have to deal with them for years. So far all of our kids have great in laws and that now includes Kyle's. Friday night Megan went through the Temple for the first time and receive her endowment. We were staying on the Strip and it took longer than we expected to get to the Temple, but they were kind enough to delay the session till we all got there. I was told the next day that a dear friend of Megan's family was also running late and knew that they wouldn't hold the session till she got there, so as she drove to the Temple she prayed that somehow things would work out and she would make the session; knowing that, I don't feel so bad about being late. Saturday morning we were all on time, well almost. My brother Brent realized when he went to get dressed that his pants were not with his suit, so he and his son made a detour on the way to the Temple. With a minute to spare before Kyle and Megan entered the sealing room, in walked Brent and AJ.

The family and wedding party were to be at the reception one half an hour before things started. Again we were running late, but we weren't the only ones late. Megan had forgot her shoes and she and Kyle had to go back to her house to get them.  Even with all the late starts, things ended right on time and the bride and groom were thrilled to have all the hoopla over and to be able to get on their way. 
Between the sealing and reception we had a yummy BBQ lunch for the wedding party and family. Thanks to my wonderful and dearest friend Becky it worked out great. The food was yummy, the company was great and the clean up was easy. Happily we even enjoyed our son Kody there, well not really, but we pretended. We had a life size post of him made up and as you got you food you couldn't help but be face to face with him. We missed not having him there in person, but the poster reminded everyone that he was in our hearts and thoughts.
We all had a good time and had lots of good laughs. I think the best laugh we had was over the groomsman's pants. The wedding colors were Cranberry, grey (wet cement) and black. Megan wore a beautiful creamy while dress in a mermaid style with rooshed organza and dark red boots. Her maid of honor and brides maid wore black dresses and dark red heels.  
Kyle wore a grey suit and his grooms men were the best in show. They wore  white shirt, black skinny ties and grey tweed pants from H&M. We managed to find pants for my grandson to match the grooms men and made them little bow ties.
They looked almost like the groomsmen only the groomsman's pants were much tighter. Kyle had a pair of pants from H&M that were the perfect color and looked great on him, so the guys deiced that was the pants they wanted to wear. Kyle got me their pant sizes and I went shopping. None of them live by us except our son-in-law Tyler, and Ty said we had the right size for him so none of the guys tried on the pants until the morning of and by then it was too late to change anything. All of their pants were tight, beyond tight, comically tight. There were bets made on who's pants would spilt first. Kyle's best man and cousin Ian's pants were the best fit, but Ian was made to wear tight fitting 60's style pants. By the end of the night no ones pants had spilt but there were some stretched seams.
Watching the dancing was another enjoyable moment of the evening.  We love to dance and although there was not a lot of dancing at the reception it was enjoyable.
There was the first dance of the bride and groom, the father-daughter dance, the son- mother dance, but my favorite was watching our oldest grandson, Mack dance. He has the moves and he uses them. Our granddaughter Baysil is normally the one to watch dance, but this night was all Macks. 
We had great support from family and friends coming in from out of town and we loved seeing them all.
Friends from California and Utah came,
 family from Utah, Arizona, and Washington were there
and dear friends we had served in the Air Force were able to come.
The reception was held at the Dragon Ridge Country Club in Henderson. It is a beautiful place with a wonderful view of the Las Vegas valley. It was a clear night and you could see all the lights of the strip and surrounding area.
It was a wonderful day. Kim and I both agree that having sons get married is the way to go. Sure there are things to do, but mostly you just show up and enjoy the hard work of the brides family and friends, and we did just that. I'm sure in a few day it will really hit me that my baby boy is married, until then I have laundry to do.

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Shelly said...

Oh Karie you make me laugh and cry. It looks like everything went great. LOVED the pants story! We will be helping Mike's sister with a back yard reception in Las Vegas on Feb. 19th. Her Son is marring a girl from Henderson,NV on Feb. 4th. She went to school with your Megan. Can't wait to see the sunshine again.