Monday, April 18, 2011


The past two months have been full of visits for us. In March Kassey,Will and their family came for a visit during their Spring break. It was baby Gus's first big trip. We loved seeing them and had so much fun I forgot to take very many pictures. We shopped, went to the park and beach, strung beads, had cousin time and these pictures are all I have to show for it. Gus is growing fast, Baysil never stops and Winni tried on every pair of shoes she could.
The first is of Winni in granny's shoes, Bay is hiding behind and the next pictures is handsome Gus.

Next we had a visit from Kyle and Megan. It was their first visit since they were married in January. It was a short visit but we had a great time. We went to Pike's, shopped, went to the Tulip Festival, had a girls night out, and enjoyed General Conference. The only disappointment was that the flue came to visit while they were here, stayed longer than we wanted and messed up our last day of fun.
Sadly the flue stayed even after they left and on till we had a visit from Karly the next week.
Karly has been working at a trampoline arena in Utah called Airborne Trampoline Arena. Thank you Kassey for helping her get the job! Karly was here for just a short visit before it was time for her to go back to school. She and I were the only ones that escaped the flue. Her visit was nice and relaxing. Of course there was shopping and yummy food, but mostly we just visited and got caught up with all that is going on in life.

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Carter Lenhart said...

It must have been two months of fun and get-together and catching up, Mama P. Except for the flu which was a real party-pooper, it sure feels good when our friends drop by and just enjoy the day. How was the Tulip Festival? Quite the scenery and breeze, right? Oh, the wonders of florist talents.