Sunday, May 8, 2011

Busy Weekend

We are quietly enjoying this weekend. Last weekend we spent on the road and I mean "on the road". Kim, Kloe and I flew out Friday morning at 6am, which meant we were up at 3:30am to be at the airport on time. Kloe and I agreed that Kim will not be allowed to make our travel arrangements next time. The good thing about the early flight was that we got to Vegas in time to have breakfast with my Bec. I love that Becky lives in the lower 48 now, but I won't be happy until we are in the same state again. Kim was very sweet and set the whole thing up with Bec as part of my birthday celebration. After breakfast we made the 3 hour drive up to Kerin and Cory's to celebrate Junie's 1st birthday. Hard to believe she is already 1 year old. Kerin threw a Fiesta party for her with yummy food. If it hadn't been for the wind it would have been perfect.
The next morning we drove up to Kassey and Will's. Little Gus was blessed on Sunday afternoon. Gus looked so handsome and was a perfect angel as always.

Kassey and Will had wonderful support from family and friends. It was wonderful to see so much family supporting them. Karly, Kyle and Megan drove down from Idaho, Kerin and Cory drove up from Cedar and both my sisters and my dad were there, even our AJ and his family where there. 

After church we went back to Kassey's for a yummy lunch and a surprise birthday for me. I have the sweetest kids. 
That evening we were back on the road driving up to Salt Lake to fly home. It was a fast week but I love every moment.


Kassey said...

Oh man my kids are cute! Those are some good pics mom! Thanks for coming out! We love you.

Shelly said...

Holy cow Karie that's crazy! We also blessed our grandson last Sunday. Sounds like you had a fantastic time with your family. They are beautiful. P.S. We are getting old :)