Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm finally getting Easter Pictures posted. This year we had a very quiet Easter. Kerin and Cory came down for the weekend and that helped to put some noise in the house. Kim had to work most of the day. We tried to wait for him for dinner, but no luck. He didn't get home until 8pm. I had fun sewing Karly and Kloe's Easter dresses. 

Karly's dress was made from an old pattern of mine from the 70's. Sewing their dresses made me miss sewing. Most of the time, after I've finished a project I'm amazed it was made by my hands. I really enjoy the feeling of a sewing project well done. Now I just need to make time for me and my sewing machine. 

We had a fun egg hung on Easter, thanks to Kerin and her tricky hide talents. 


Kassey, Will and Baysil said...

once you're one of the little kids you're always one of the little kids... for example, Kody is still hunting for eggs. even at the age of 18!

Mama P said...

He only hunts out of the goodness of his heart and a stern look from mother.

Eldrer Porterfield said...

hey you can see my car in the first picture a little bit ya..

Eldrer Porterfield said...
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