Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Break: The Epic Journey to the Motherland and Other Prudent Adventures


Welcome the world according to Karly! 

Sit back and get comfortable while I tell you of the latest escapades of the Porterfield fam. (I recommend some popcorn or some sort of ice cream with caramel in it. caramel is good.)

(that's me kneeling down second from the left :)

I'm sure by now you've guessed that, like every other good Mormon family, (not to say that families who don't go aren't good!) we used this spring break as another opportunity to make the pilgrimage to Utah!!! Gotta love the motherland!

We left late Friday evening and made it finally into the city of the Salty Lake just before the second session of conference started. Literally.  Our dreams of attending the first session and taking part in the solemn assembly being dashed, we could do little more than listen to this spectacular occurrence on the radio.  Regardless of the time or place it was still an amazing experience. Truly the spirit and the happiness that sustaining the new prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, was limitless and is something I am sure to remember the rest of my days.We were able to attend the 2nd session of conference and watch the others on this wonderful little invention called television.

After the eventual winding down of the conference rush that occurs, maybe 15 minutes after the event actually ended, we spent the remainder of the week languishing on the hospitality of immediate family and other relatives in the area. We managed a day in the snow, a stroll round Temple Square, a visit to Great Grandma Dot, a visit to Grandma Judy, a visit to Aunt Jody and the Smith household, and the home and hearths of Kassey and Kerin. We ate good food and got a grand tour of nearly all the hotels in the city of the Salty Lake courtesy of Dad, who seems to be loosing his touch when it comes to hotels.

As I wrap up this herculean tale of adventure and humorous occurrences so slyly interwoven into the story (if I may say so myself) that they are nearly unnoticeable, I would like to acknowledge the shark attack and death of a 66 year old man that resulted in the closing of the beaches this weekend. This particular weekend in which the weather happens to be in the high 90's. In southern California. If you are heading out on a shark hunt, 1. take me with you. 2. take an oxygen tank with you. 3. don't waste your money by going to see The Forbidden Kingdom afterward.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Forbidden Kingdom wasn't that bad and I switched hotels because one bed wasn't enough for all of us and then everyone wanted one with an open pool.

Fern said...

I hope we can look forward to more posts from you Karly. Maybe one about your nephews coming for a visit? hmmm....
I still say Grandma Dot is going to out live us all. Did she try and slip anyone a twenty?

Elder Porterfield said...

its good to see Karly hasnt changed to much.

The LOWEdown said...

HELLO!!!! Thanks for your comment! My mom wanted me to tell you that she misses you so much! She doesn't have any girlfriedns out here and she really needs one! She thinks about you a lot and hopes that all is well!!