Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You Say Goodbye and I say Hello!

June was a month of Hello's and Goodbye's.
I already mentioned the comings and goings of the boys in June in the last post, but I thought I would share more picture with you of the big events.
In early June we said goodbye to Kody for two years as he left to serve in the Argentina Buenos Aries North Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

After some final goodbyes to the nephews we were off to the airport, where we wait for six hours because our flight was delayed. Kody refused to go back home and wait. He had already said his goodbyes there and he had waited for this day for too long, he just wanted to sit it out. We did get him to leave the airport to get lunch, but was all. Kim took a nap in the car while Kody and I sat in the airport waiting. Once we arrived in Salt Lake we got the last rental car, actually van that was available at the airport. Kim informed us that he had forgotten to reserve a rental car, but not to worry they never run out, yes they do! No one could explain it but they had been very busy and no one had any cars left, except we finally got and twelve passenger van! Oh the memories! Kody and I could not believe our eyes when Kim pulled up in it, we thought it was a joke! We will always have a good laugh when we talk about that day.

We stayed in the Grand America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake, I love that place! Kim wanted Kody's last night to be in luxury and I was not going to argue. Kody hadn't eaten in almost two days because he was so excited and nervous and the way he looked at the room service menu we thought he would order it all!

After a restless sleep, there was last minuet packing and a little shopping to be done.

The traditional last meal at IHop then on to the MTC.

Kassey, Will and Baysil joined us for the morning adventures, why not there was plenty of room in the van! Kody was in the second week of curb drop offs at the MTC and you can only bring one car so we tried to fill it the best we could. We parked the car across the street and walked over to take the classic pictures.

Then back to the van and we drove through the MTC for the drop off.

Kody couldn't wait for us slow pokes. "Come on guys!"

I started my goodbyes in the parking lot and the crying kicked into full gear for this mom.

Last minute instructions were given by the hard working volunteers. This was only their second week of the curb drop off, but they were very organized and things went really smooth.

Then the real goodbyes and hugs and more hugs.

Bay's face says it all

"Now you're sure you are going to take care of my baby boy?!?"
No one at the MTC could shake hands or touch you because of the swine flue so they bumped elbows. Kody said it got old after while and you just wanted to shake hands or give someone a hug.

Then before we could think too long about it, Kody was off and in the MTC, no looking back. It was good I wasn't my makeup where it was suppose to be by then.

One week to the day later came the Big Hello and Welcome Home to Kyle!

We were at the airport and ready for him. We waited and waited

Then finally there he was, I spotted him across the airport and I took off running. Kyle had come from a different direction then the rest of the people and yes the rest of the family were a little embarrassed and I did look funny, but I wouldn't do anything differently.

A mom knows her baby anywhere!

Mack was a little confused. I think Kyle looked a little different that his picture on the frig and besides granny was acting a little strange.

Kloe remembers her big brother even if she looks different to him! Mack is still a little confused as Kyle tries to share pictures of the place he loves so much.

The happy group!

Once home the sisters continue the hugging and the sisterly teasing begins. They had been saving up and had two years of harassing to waiting for him.

A little before and after. We had this poster made for the girls weddings and used it at every family gathering. We are so happy to have our Kyle home with us! We miss our Koderman, but know he is where he should doing what the Lord wants him to be doing right now and he is loving his mission.

That's only the beginning of our June Goodbye's and Hello's! More soon!

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