Tuesday, December 21, 2010


 Because Halloween was on a Sunday this year we had our own little party. Growing up my mom and two of her friends families, Barbara Lewis and Betty Skoglund seem to have the best Halloween parties. I looked forward to those nights almost as much as Christmas. We had spook allies, scary stories, great games, homemade root beer and yummy treats. I didn't get as our of control like my mom would have but I think we all had a fun time and a good laugh. We started the night with our traditional dinner in a pumpkin. I always think of Grandma Jane when we have this. I think she and I like it more than any one else.
 The boys came in their custumes, but only the important parts. They had been to two Trunk-or-Treat parties the night before and bits and pieces of their costumes were in the cars and somewhere at home, but that didn't stop our fun. This year all three of the boys wore hand-me-downs so Kaira Fern didn't have to make new ones, it was great and everyone was happy. Mack was Batman. He wore the same Batman suit Uncle Kyle and Uncle Kody wore when they were his age. As you can tell Mack is a bit Taller than they were, but when he wore the boots you couldn't tell. Henry was a dinosaur, his favorite thing these days. Kaira had made the costume for Mack a couple of years before. Wallace was a sweet lion. Another costumes Kaira had made for the older boys. I think at the trunk-or-treat parties Wally wore a pumpkin suit that the older boys had also worn, but I could be wrong.
 After dinner we played the spider web game. Kloe turned the "man cave" into a giant spider web. Everyone followed their yarn, untangling as they went to find the treat at the end.

Then we bobbed for apples. I say "we", but I was busy taking pictures so I excused myself. I think this was the game Mack was looking forward to the most. He had played it at his Grandma Karen's party and had success and could wait to try again.
 We ended the night with donuts on a string. Again someone needed to take the pictures so I made the sacrifice. I'm not sure if the pictures are blurry because everyone was moving or because I was laughing so hard. They all took this game serious which only made it funner to watch. We all enjoyed watching the boys, and I include Tyler, going for their donuts. This will be a night that needs repeating every year.

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