Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Out on the Farm

I should be wrapping presents and mailing out Christmas cards, but I am months behind on posting and everyone is still sleeping so I thought I should do a little catching up. On a beautiful day in Oct, Tyler and Mack went and climbed a mountain so the rest of us went off to near by pumpkin farms. I love having the grandsons close enough to have outings like this. I wish the rest of the babies were close by too.
 Henry used his climbing stills to concur giant pumpkins. I tried all day to get him to look at the camera but had no luck.
Wally was another story, he knew every time the camera came out. He was his normal perfect self all day and sat happy just enjoying the ride.
There were corn mazes, tractor rides, cow trains, pony rides and yummy treats. We couldn't get Henry to go on any of the rides this year. He mostly liked watching the chickens and just exploreing the pumpkins.
Pumpkin inspecting can be very serious business
For Wally I think the day was just another photo opportunity.

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