Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bend in the Road

It has been about 3 months since I last posted and there is a really good reason for it, October. You read that right, I blame October, the very beginning. We hit an unexpected blend in life's road and most things after are a blurr.
On the first Sunday of the month we got a call from our stake president asking if he could come by and visit with us, what could we say? We didn't really want to visit with him, knowing very little good news came from an unexpected visit from your Stake President. He asked Kim if he had any appointments or other plans for that afternoon and if so, he should call and let them know he would be late because this could take some time. At that news my heart sank. The first thing that I thought was there was something wrong with my missionary. We couldn't think of another reason the stake president would want to talk to us for so long. Maybe there was going to be a change in the stake Young Men's, but we didn't think so and we had recently gotten a new High Councilor for our ward, so that couldn't be it. It all came back to our missionary. I was so worried by this time, I asked Kim if we could please have prayer together before the Stake President got to our home so I could handle whatever the news may be. When the President arrived, he asked to talk to Kim alone, and I was relived; I assumed it was a stake calling and left the two alone. A short time later I was invited to join them. The first thing I asked was did this concern our missionary. The President looked at me surprised and with a big smile said no. He had never thought we might suspect something was wrong with our son, with a big sigh of relief I sat down. Kim still didn't know why the President wanted to see us and there sat the President with a big smile. Kim was asked to serve as our ward bishop. We both sat there silent with our mouths open. This was the one thing we had joked about but thought we were safe from. We had only live in Mukilteo for just over a year; I felt like I knew no one and Kim knew even less. Bishops now seem to be younger and Kim is 50. The Stake President stayed and helped us deal with this shock to our systems for about an hour. I was still relieved that our missionary was safe and healthy, but numb with my husbands new calling and I knew our ward would be too. I was sure some would ask, "Who's Kim Porterfield?"
Kim's 50th surprise birthday party
So I will answer that question, the greatest husband and dad ever. He is known for his plaid shirts, great laugh and big smile. He's the best skier on the slopes, a fan of F1 and any team his kids play on.
He likes Oreo's dipped in running water, ice cream and late night movies with his kids. He speaks German like a German, exploring Europe and all things Scottish. He is more romantic than he admits, tolerates his wifes love of BBC and he's the guy you want on your side when someone tries to bully you or your when you're in trouble. He has the biggest heart and the emptiest wallet; he is so loved by his children they made him a fan page on facebook; his daughters girlfriends often love him long before they meet him. Joseph Smith is one of his hero's, but only after our Savior Jesus Christ . So there is an introduction to Kim A Porterfield.

with Karly at BYU-I

Kyle and Kim at the Ballard Locks Salomon ladder
It would be two weeks before Kim would be sustained at church because of General Conference so there where very few we could talk to about this big change in our live. We told all our kids but Kloe ahead of time, so they could make plans in case they wanted to come out for Kim's sustaining. Kloe found out as we were leaving for church the day of because we were afraid she would slip and tell someone or post it on facebook. She could barely contain herself and as we came in the door from church she walked right to the computer and posted it on facebook.
Holding Kloe's prize pig
  The Saturday of the same week Kim was sustain in church , we were in the Seattle Temple attending Stake Temple night. Still in shock,  we went through the night like deers in headlights. As we left the Temple I checked my phone for missed calls and I had 3. The first was from a good friend in Encinitas congratulating us on Kyle's engagement! What!?! He wasn't engaged before we went in to the temple. We knew it was coming and could happen really anytime, but Kyle is the child that tells me everything  . . . really everything! The next message was from Kyle simple saying he needed to talk to me, Kim had the same message. I don't even remember hearing the next message.
Kyle and Megan at the Ballard Locks
Kyle had proposed that night to Megan Schiess from Henderson, Nevada. We love Megan and are so excited for them. Megan came with us on our family vacation this summer to Lake Shasta and we knew she was the one when she joined in with the sisters as they teased Kyle and helped Kyle fly off the tube during tub wars.
Kyle and Megan at Lake Shasta

Kyle and Megan met up at school in one of their classes and were friends as he dated lots of other girls including a date with her best friend. She was the one who was suppose to help him stay single and focus on school. Megan has been out to visit us here in Washington twice and we love seeing her and look forward to her being a member of our family
The morning of the Saturday Kyle and Megan got engaged, we received some very sad news, our daughters church building had been set on fire. They attend church here in Mukilteo, but are in a neighboring stake to ours. Kim, who had not even conducted a Sunday yet, found out quickly that he was the agent bishop of our building and was responsible for helping one of the misplaced wards settle into our building until theirs is rebuilt. It's hard to believe someone dislikes the Mormons enough that they would destroy their place of worship. Over the next few days I read news articles about the event and peoples comments. There were some very hurtful things said about Mormons. It's sad to think in today's world, where people are expected to be open minded, there are still those so full of hate for a religion and way of life.
Harbor Point Ward Building


Baxter's said...

All I know is Kim is one of the best nursery leaders ever. We miss you guys every time we attempt to drop off our kids in the very disorganized nursery here. :-) I miss you terribly every sunday during 2nd the 3rd block while I am following him around the hall. :-) The Lord knows what he is doing. May the force be with you!

Marnie said...

I want to be in your ward. You guys are truly the best. Love and miss you.

Mackenzie said...

Uncle Kim is a bishop??! Wow! That's amazing! I am so happy for you guys. He's a great guy for the job indeed.

It's such a shame about people setting fire to our churches. Anyone who could do something like that must really not know much about our religion. There is no good reason for that kind of act. Oh, humanity.

Great news about Kyle though! Pretty girl :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you married well and have a great family! You deserve it!

Randy Morris