Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back on the Farm

On the way home from Kyle and Megan's blessed day we took a slow ride home visiting with family. Kim and Kloe flew home and missed out on the fun. Kaira Fern, her 3 boys, Karly and I, squeezed ourselves and our stuff into my Acura and did the drive back. Thank goodness for the DVD player and sweet little boys; most of the time they were sweet.

The first stop was to see grandpa Cope, or as Henry kept reminding us, Donald Duck, and Kathy. They live just outside of Saint George. My dad now has a mustang he rescued named Tiny. They also have chickens and a friendly dog; another rescue.
Tiny had been staying across the street so we also got to see the neighbors horses, dog and sheep as well and the boys loved it. 

Wallace was the most excited about tiny. He was so excited about it, 4 days later we made his 1st birthday cake a horse cake. All 3 boys took a ride and Karly held Wallace so he could ride.  

My dad rode Tiny around so the boys could see her run. Seeing my dad ride brought back great memories of Saturdays renting horses and riding in the Chino hills with him and my brothers and sisters.
The next day we spent in Cedar City and Parowan with Kerin, Cory and Junie. We went out to Cory's family farm so the boys could see all the tractors and the cattle. The night before a calf was born and so that was the first stop when we got there.
As we pulled into the farm, we drove past all the tractor, Henry said they were the biggest tractor in the world.
Cory's little cousin Jake and Uncle Mark showed up right after we got there. Jake and Mack became instant friends.
Jake showed the boys all around and told them all about things. Jake is 4 years old, same as Mack and he has been going to the farm with his dad everyday since he was just a little baby. Uncle Mark gave them a ride on a bail of hay.
Uncle Cory gave them a ride on a tractor and Jake showed them where the best mud puddles were. Wallace and Junie slept through most of it.
Our last stop was to see Kassey, Will and the girls. We woke up to nice fresh snow and it snow most of the day, but that didn't stop us from a very important stop, the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.

The kids loved this place, especially Henry, he loves all things dinno. That evening Karly and I went to visit with our dear friends the Wilkins. We had a short but good visit, sadly I didn't take any pictures. Really the only sad thing was how tired and puffy I was looking by now from eating so much junk food and lack of sleep for more than a week, so really it's a good thing no pictures were taken. 
We got home the next night and just in time to celebrate Wallace's 1st birthday
and pack Karly up and move her to Utah where she has a job. She'll live with Kassey for a few months while she's off school. Me, I am still doing laundry and waiting for grand baby #7 to arrive.


Marnie said...

sounds like life around these parts, minus grandbabies, college kids, and weddings. pretty much just a farm. Miss you wishing we could have seen you.

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