Saturday, February 19, 2011

There is a New Champ in Town

Wednesday, the 16th of February, Augustus Champion King made his arrival into the world at 7:28pm. Delivery went well and Kassey is feeling good. Gus weighted in at 7lbs 10oz and he was 19.5 inches long.

I get to be here for a week to help with the girls and nights.A BIG Thank you to Karly for helping with the girls when Kassey and Will went to the hospital. As soon as I got in town I went straight to the hospital, camera in hand; too bad the battery was dead. So, I'm a little limited with the pictures until Kim gets here with my charger. Thankfully Will is a pro, now I just have to get him to post them on their blog.

The first thing Baysil said to Kassey at the hospital was, "where is he, where's my brother?". Winni was not as excited about the arrival of little Gus. She had no interest in seeing or holding him at the hospital. She wasn't upset, just not interested; not until he came home did she take an interest and then only when he is in the arms of Kassey or Will.
Gus has jondus and for a couple of day has to have his blood tested and he is sleeping under a warming lamp.  He is a real Champ about the whole thing. He is a normal new born and has his days and nights mixed up, but other than that he is perfect. To me he looks like a perfect mix of his dad and uncles Kyle and Kody. I see no girl in him at all.
Gus is our 7th grandbaby and our 4 grandson. It took us 14 years to get our 7 children and only 41/2 years to get our 7 wonderful grandbabies. I think the grandbabies might end up costing us as much or more than our kids.  

Congratulation Kassey, Will, Baysil and Winni.!

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