Friday, June 25, 2010

Graduation Time

Our baby Kary is  all grown-up, sigh.
On June 4th Karly graduated from Kamiak High School. It's hard to believe she is all done with her high school years, I feel like she was just a kindergardener at Rocklin Elementary.

She had the challenge of finishing up high school at a new school and with new friends. She has handled the challenge with very little complaining and her dad and I have enjoyed this last year with her at home.

We had a fun time at her graduation, with both Kaira and Kassey's families.
Our neighbor told Kim they saw and hear us across the arena. It's hard to miss the Porterfield's at a graduation, we know how to express our enthusiasm.
Karly is off to BYU-Idaho in the fall and will be leaving poor Kloe to be the last of the tribe home alone with mom and dad. According to our older kids, this means the end of the world is soon at hand.
We will miss our Karly Angel, but are so proud of the smart and beautiful young woman she has grown up to be. Thankfully Kyle will be at school to fend off the young men who are also happy about the beautiful young woman she has grown up to be.


Marnie said...

NOOOOOOOOO it can't be true. What will life be like with only one at home? Perhaps a visit to Texas is in order. We love you Karly and Kyle we have of niece and a couple of friends girls who are going up to BYU-I, I'm just sayin....
Love you and miss you all

Amber said...

Congrats to Karly!

Fern said...

Way to go Karly! You didn't drop out of high school! J/K
I would like it to be noted that it was a billion degrees inside and humid that day. So, if we all look a little puffy and crazy eyed, we have a good reason.