Sunday, June 20, 2010

Junie Pearl

I am a little late in posting this, but I figure what the heck. I love the pictures and I love to brag about my new grand-baby. Enjoy!

A week before her due date, Junie Pearl made her appearance. She came with all ten fingers and toes, weighing in at 6lb 13oz.  She is a sweet little darling and even though she was in the hospital a little longer than planned, because she and mom had a fever at birth, she is perfect. 

 She came with a nice head of brown hair, blue eyes and a calm personality. 

Uncle Kyle came down from BYU-Idaho to meet her and I came in by way of Las Vegas with grandma Bec. Bec is my dear friend and my grandkids are her grandkids. Kerin wanted to make sure Bec was coming and every time she would call to check plans I was reminded that she expected Bec to be with me for as long as she could. Junie Pearl is named after Kerin's dear friend Destiny Pearl, that died as a result of a car crash a few years back.  I love the name and I think it fits our new little bundle perfect.

 Junie came home from the hospital on my birthday. There is nothing like holding a new baby andI loved I present.
 Uncle Kyle was a sweetheart and stayed with us through the weekend. He even had the joy of hanging out with the old ladies! He is such a good guy and it was great to see him.  (p.s. he is still single ladies! what a catch!)

Within 5 days Junie was back to her birth weight and  was soon past it and hasn't stopped growing

I love these last pictures. I took them just before I left to come home. She really is a sweet angel. 

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Jessica Feely Photography said...

aww, thanks for sharing! She is soo beautiful! Just like every Porterfield grandchild! :) So happy for all of you! *hugs*