Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Through all of our comings and goings the last few months, Karly managed to find time for Prom. It's at moments like this I realize what a "girl" house we live in and feel a little sorry for my boys, but only a little.
For the first time in my life, a formal gown was purchased for prom. You read that right, we bought Karly's prom dress. It was a harsh reality and Karly and Kim were very patient with me as I had my multiple melt downs. Only I could have melt downs over not spending hours at the sewing machine, with expensive fabric, doing detailed sewing. With visits to see grandpa and new baby Junie, it was the best choice. I did get to make some adjustments to the dress, that can not be machine washed or dry cleaned, augh! Who buys that kind of dress?
Kassey came over and helped with make-up and hair, and her specialty, pictures. She didn't take any of these pictures, though; I still haven't loaded hers on to our computer.
Karly looked beautiful and was actually ready early, I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that we bought her dress. 

Her date was a little late because he couldn't find the house, happens all the time, so she and Kloe had a little wii bonding time.

 She went with a friend from school, Jake Dahlberg and they had a BLAST! Jake was voted class clown, so when the two of them get together Karly is her silly, goofy self and fun is had by all. They have all sorts of inside jokes that keep things hopping, note the candy cane on Jake flowers.

The friends all gathered at one house for pictures and our kids were the funnest and best looking. 

A party van and stretch hummer were their rides. I don't know how many kids were at the house, but when it was time to leave, they just kept come out of the house. Of corse Karly and Jake were the last to stop taking pictures, they're a couple of hams. They ate at Buca di Beppo's and almost filled the whole place, then on to prom at a yacht club down in Seattle on the Puget Sound. One of my favorite things about the night was cost of prom tickets, $15 a person, what a deal. It's nice to have a prom that the kids can actually pay for themselves. I don't even think tickets were that cheep back in my day.

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Shelly Isom & Kimber Whitehead said...

I didn't know that you sewed like your Mom but it does make prefect since. This bring back so many memories. I keep seeing that satin light brown formal with the bussel. Remember!!! Then of course the Debutant's Ball, hahahaha Good times! Didn't you go to prom with Mike????