Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Music

Christmas time brings choir performances. All the kids at home sing in some type of choir.  For the last few months the kids have had choir practices and last week was the big performing week.  On Thursday the 6th of December, Kody and Karly sang with the Stake youth choir at the San Diego Temple. Kody and another boy from the ward accompanied with their guitars to a few songs. It was great to sit at the Temple and listen to the kids sing.  
On Saturday the 8th, Kloe was a busy girl. We started the morning at the ward Christmas Brunch.  It was just me, Kim and Kloe. Kody was taking the ACT and Karly was home in bed because she didn't feel too good. Kloe had to be there early for choir practice.  The Activities Day girls were to sing with the ward choir as part of the program. As soon as they finished practicing, the brunch started. Kloe ate and then we had to leave to get her to the local Barnes & Noble, where her school choir was performing that morning. She had been practicing for weeks for this performance and knew that we night not make it back in time to sing at the ward brunch, but we were going to give it a try. It's amazing how many things I can get done when I'm only hauling around one kid. She changed her clothes in the car on the way to Barnes & Noble. There was a good turn out and the kids did a great job.
 As soon as they finished we hurried back to the ward, but missed the program. We were sad, but happy we gave it a try. On Sunday the Stake had a special Christmas musical fireside.  All the ward and stake choirs performed. The Kody and Karly sang with the stake youth choir. It was a very nice evening and brought a good Christmas spirit.  We still have one more school ensemble and caroling with in the neighborhood. Is it possible to get too much Christmas music? I don't think so. 
 Tra la la

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Fern said...

I'm bummed I'm going to miss caroling through the neighborhood! That tradition was MY idea!
Way to go Porterfield Singers. You're a regular Van Trapp Family, or maybe the Partridge family.