Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Time is Here!

If you know us at all, you know how much we love this time of year. We all get into the fun and festivities. The Christmas music is turned on, the eggnog is poured Thanksgiving night,and we start decorating the house the next day. We love the baking, decorating and fun that goes with the Christmas. We had our annual tree hut this year. I'm not sure the kids look forward to this as much as Kim and I. We drag the kids around until we find the perfect tree. This has been known to take hours. I like to post a child by a tree I like until I decided which tree we want. I've been subjecting my kids to this since they were small. Even when we lived in Missouri and the oldest girls were small, I would have them stay by a tree until we decided. That way no one could buy the trees we were considering. It was tough when we used to cut our own trees, but we covered the area an acre at a time and the older kids stood with farthest away tree. Can you imagine a little four year old girl with rosy cheeks from the cold, telling, "I'm sorry my mom might want that tree. You can't buy that one." I admit, I'm demented. This year we managed to only have to go to one tree lot. Our biggest challenge is reminding Kim the height restriction we have. Once home it's on to decorating, everyone participates, like it or not. Even though some of us complain with all the work, we love every bit of it and wouldn't change a thing. Except maybe the part where I have a melt down just days before Christmas. this year things will be very quiet around our home. Kaira Fern and Tyler are staying home in Washington. they are expecting baby number 2 the week after Christmas. I understand, but you'd think they would be more sensitive to our needs and send Mack for Christmas. Kassey and Will will be staying in Utah. Will has to work and Kassey is due to have their baby the middle of January. Kerin and Cory are with us for Christmas. Yea, somebody loves us. Kerin has always been good at kissing up to her parents. Kyle is serving in the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh mission and will be enjoying a white, cold Christmas. With everyone gone that just leaves 8 for Christmas. To some that would be a large group, for our home that's a quiet, intimate group. We will be having our traditional Christmas Eve and there are 25 people expected, so I'll still get my crowed and chaos.


Tyler said...


Your trinket collection has sure grown. I'm working on mine but I just can't keep up with you.

Jessica & Jason said...

I just wanted to say thanks from the whole Ralston family for the christmas card! We all hope that you have a wonderful christmas this year! :)

Jessica (Ralston) Feely

Kassey said...

Dad I think that little village is alive in the picture!! What a lucky shot! I thought they only came alive while everyone was sleeping..