Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Weekend Trip

I missed the first good rain in San Diego in a long time, but I got to enjoy
 a good snow storm in Utah.
On Friday the 30th of November, I flew up to Utah to stay with Kerin and Cory and to go to Kassey's baby shower.  It rained here all day Friday, but lightened up just before I left.  Just about an hour after I landed in Salt Lake, it started to snow and I was able to enjoy beautiful snow falling until Saturday night.  I stayed with Kerin and Cory in their new home. 

 Saturday was Kassey's baby shower at Aunt Stacie's.  Kerin did a great job putting on the shower and a big thank you to Stacie for opening her home.
 We had fun measuring Kassey's tummy, 
sharing advice, and eating tasty foods.
    After the shower Kassey, Kerin, their husbands and I went out to dinner, on the way home Kerin and Cory took me by Temple Square to see the lights. 

 The lights were wonderful, but the best thing was Santa in his sleigh.  There are carriages that you can hirer to give you rides around downtown Salt Lake.  This time of year it's no big deal to see the drivers dressed up for the season, unless you're a 400lb Santa.
  I'm not sure how he even managed to stay on his seat.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but Santa has definitely eaten too many cookies and I think it's time to change to non-fat milk. Sunday we helped Kassey unpack some boxes in their new place. 
 I still love to move and I get a little rush from organizing a 
new kitchen and linen closet. I know I'm weird.  


Danna & David said...

Yea, you got to see the snow!! I'm still getting used to driving in it. Sorry I couldn't make it to Kassey's baby shower, but I'm glad to see she's doing so good in their new apartment and getting settled!

Fern said...

I love all the pictures and wish I could have been there-- not Utah, just been able to see everyone. Luckily, we've been getting snow of our own. I was hoping for a better picture of the morbidly obese Santa. Feel free to come and organize my kitchen and linen closet any time!