Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sleepless In Seattle

With just a few days till the new year, we have a new grandson. Henry Allen Thompson was born December 27, 2007. He is perfect and even more perfect, he was smaller than his big 10lb brother at birth. Mom, Kaira Fern and baby are doing great. We got the phone call the afternoon of the 26th that they were going to induce Kaira Fern. They started inducement around 5pm and Henry was born at 8:32am. I flew in the night of the 27th and Kaira and Henry came home from the hospital the morning of the 28th, since then we get sleep when we can. Henry is a good baby and not a screamer. He eats every 2 hours and has one long stretch in the early morning hours. Mack is a good big brother, maybe too good. His only problem maybe that he is a little possessive of his little brother. Mack helps get diapers, throws trash away and tells you where things are. He tells you more than where things are, he tells you what things are. He's always pointing out what things are called. We now call him "Captain Obvious". It's great to have a real super hero in the family. I'm here for the week to help with night time feedings and daytime chaos. Today was great I got a three hour nap and Kim and the kids got here and we'll all be here for the week. Three hours is the longest I've slept since I got here. By the time Henry gets fed changed and back to sleep I get about 40 minuets of sleep. I'm not young anymore and really needed the 3 hours today. I'm sure things will get better but no matter how much sleep I get I love being here with my grand babies in Seattle.


Fern said...

We are SO GLAD to have you here! Personally, I think this is your best post yet! :)

fluff said...

Hey Porterfield family,
Congrats on your new addition! What a blessing to have such a beautiful family. Although we don't get te pleasure to see you all much we think of you often and hope you have a great 2008! We'll be checking in on your blogging.

Anonymous said...

that second picture down of the whole family is my favorite. especially if you zoom in on mack!! he looks like it's the best day of his life! he's so funny

Danna & David said...

I can't believe how CUTE Henry is! Actually, yes I can because Mack is so cute. I hope my future babies turn out looking half as good as Mack and Henry. That's so great that you and the fam could make it up there--and kudos to you on organizing the chaos with the new baby at the Thompson abode!